Favorite Chicken Pesto Pasta

If you like pesto, you’re going to looove this chicken pesto pasta! It’s super quick and simple so you can easily fit it in your schedule, even if you’re super busy or find it difficult to cook only for yourself.

If the latter is the case, I got you. I had this problem for years and years. It just felt so… unnecessary. And I actually enjoy cooking! But as I grew older, I simply realized I deserve to enjoy a nice cooked meal every single day – and so do you!


So for one person, all you need for this chicken pesto pasta recipe is:

  • 130 g cooked pasta (I prefer whole wheat spaghetti)
  • 100 g grilled chicken
  • 30 g pesto
  • A little bit of cooking oil
  • Spices (sweet paprika, salt, pepper)

Additionally, you can add some arugula, cherry tomatoes or other vegetables to make your meal a bit more refreshing.

So how to make chicken pesto pasta?

It’s super simple! Start by cooking your pasta in the boiling and salted water.

While your pasta is cooking, cut your chicken into smaller pieces and season it with spices of your choice. I recommend using a little bit of sweet paprika, salt and pepper.

Once your chicken and pasta are done, add them into one bowl. Then, add your pesto and stir well to combine everything properly.


If you’d like, you can also cut up some cherry tomatoes and add arugula or other fresh vegetables on top once you’re meal is served.

And you’re all done! Let me know whether you’ve tried this recipe and how did you like it. And don’t forget – you deserve to have a nice cooked meal every single day!

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